The New Standard for Aquatic Weed Control in Canals

SePRO Corporation

SePRO Corporation was formed in 1994 with a mission to provide plant protection and plant management products and services fitting specialized market segments outside of the core business strategy of large agro-chemical manufacturers. In 16 years, the Carmel, Indiana organization has grown from just three products and four employees to more than 60 products sold in over a dozen countries with more than 60 employees.

SePRO is constantly moving ahead with an even greater focus on finding new and better ways to serve customers. We acquire, research, develop, manufacture, and market, value-added products and services that satisfy the unique needs of our customers. SePRO’s focuses in four major areas…

  • Aquatic Plant Management
      - Professional aquatic herbicides and algaecides
  • Turf & Ornamental Products
      - Professional Insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators
  • ReMetrix LLC
      - National leaders in invasive vegetation and aquatic ecosystems mapping and monitoring
  • ParaPRO LLC
      - Developing Spinosad technology for the control of lice for human health

Serving these very specialized and highly regulated markets requires that SePRO remain at the forefront of industry-advancing research and development, and this is a core capability of its business. In 2004, SePRO opened a 410-acre research and technology facility in Whitakers, North Carolina currently supporting all of the company’s business units.

A top priority of all SePRO employees is product and environmental stewardship.

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Weed Guarantee
This guarantee example is for display purposes only. For a program specific New Standard Guarantee, contact your SePRO Aquatic Specialist.