Cutless Granular
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Q.  If you over-apply Cutless Granular, will it damage the plant?

A.  Over-application of Cutless Granular can over-regulate plants. However, in most cases, the plant will eventually grow out of the excessive regulation with minimal to no long- term adverse effects.  For extreme cases, exogenous sources of gibberellic acid (GA) can be sprayed as an antidote for excessively-regulated plants.

Q.  Some of the Cutless Granular literature states that the rate needed is relative to the size and type of plant you plan to treat.  In addition, the label states starting rates.  Is there an easy way to know you are applying the correct rates?

A.  Rates can primarily be divided in to three basic categories:

  • Low - (7 to 10 lbs./1000 sq. ft.) – including jasmine, plumbago and others.
  • Medium - (10 to 15 lbs./1000 sq. ft.) – including most woody ornamentals three to four feet in height (ligustrum, viburnum, euonymus, duranta, etc.)
  • High - (15 to 21 lbs./1000 sq. ft.) – include most woody ornamentals greater than four feet in height (ficus, holly, ligustrum, etc.)

Q.  If the foliage is wet, will Cutless Granular cause a burn on the leaves?

A.  No. We have not seen any foliar phytotoxicity with Cutless Granular applied over wet foliage.

Q.  How long does Cutless Granular take to start regulating the growth?

A.  The active ingredient will begin to move to the growing points of the plant as soon as the product is watered in and the plant roots can intercept the Cutless Granular in the soil.  Once in the plant, regulation will be noticeable in two to six weeks, depending upon the plant species.

Q.  Will the type and depth of mulch have an effect on the performance of Cutless Granular?

A.  Excessive mulch layers can slow the movement of Cutless Granular into the soil.  Heavy organic mulch layers have the greatest potential to slow the movement of Cutless Granular into the soil.  Remember, it is always good to maximize soil-to-Cutless granule contact.

Q.  Do the plants need to be pruned before or after treatment?

A.  In most species, plants should be pruned or trimmed within one week of a Cutless Granular application.   For extremely aggressive plants, it is best to prune plants five to seven days following an application of Cutless Granular.

Q.  Can you successfully treat plants that have been severely pruned back?

A.  Severely pruned plants typically have a large carbohydrate reserve and will aggressively grow.  Cutless Granular rates should be increased from typical rates used on such species to regulate excessive growth from severely pruned plants.

Q.  How soon after plants are installed can you apply Cutless Granular?

A.  Plants should be well established and vigorously growing prior to applications of Cutless Granular.

Q.  Can you apply Cutless Granular to summer annuals?

A.  Cutless Granular should not be applied to areas containing summer annuals or areas intended to contain summer annuals within six months after application.  Although PGRs are often used on summer annuals during production, rates of Cutless Granular for landscape ornamentals are too high for summer annual use.

Q.  What happens to St. Augustine grass if Cutless Granular gets on it?

A.  St. Augustine grass will become regulated if significant amounts of Cutless Granular are applied inadvertently.  Signs of regulation are darker green leaves, shorter internodes and smaller overall plant size.  In most situations, no long-term detrimental effects will occur with misapplications to St. Augustine grass.

Q.  To continue the growth regulation, how soon do you make the next applications?

A.  Most Cutless Granular applications will regulate the growth of landscape ornamentals for three to six months depending on plant species and environmental factors.  Therefore, to ensure continued growth regulation, repeat applications should occur every three to six months.

Q.  Are some plants easier to regulate than others with Cutless Granular?

A.  Yes.  Ease of regulation with Cutless Granular is dependent upon two main factors: 1) plant size and density and 2) whether a plant is woody or more herbaceous.  For example, a small herbaceous plant will require a lower rate of Cutless Granular when compared to a larger, more robust woody plant.

Q.  Is there a time of the year that is best to start a Cutless Granular application program?

A.  A Cutless G program can be initiated at any time, however it is recommended that a program begins prior to the expected flush of growth during spring months.

Q.  Can I use more Cutless Granular for longer control?

A.  Increased rates of Cutless Granular will cause more growth regulation for a longer period of time.  Do not exceed labeled rates.

Q.  Are there any shrubs on which I cannot apply Cutless Granular?

A.  Cutless Granular is not recommended on shrubs greater than ten feet tall.  These plants require rates too high for Cutless Granular to adequately control.

Q.  Is it okay to apply Cutless Granular over the top of plants?

A.  Yes, applications of Cutless Granular can be made over the top of plants.  Granules remaining on leaves should fall to the soil during irrigation/rainfall.

Q.  How important is it to apply the Cutless Granular uniformly over the roots and within the area of the driplines?

A.  Cutless Granular is a root absorbed growth regulator, so to ensure uniform growth regulation, Cutless Granular should be applied uniformly within the dripline of landscape ornamentals.

Q.  How long will Cutless Granular stay active waiting on moisture or irrigation?

A.  It is best to get Cutless Granular watered in within 48 hours of an application.  There are minimal concerns with volatility or photodegradation.  Remember, it is always good stewardship to water-in soil active products in a timely manner.

Q.  How many Cutless Granular applications can you make a year?

A.  There is no limit to the number of applications. However, applications should be planned to not exceed 909 lbs. of Cutless Granular/acre.

Q.  What are some of the preferred application methods and equipment to apply Cutless Granular?

A.  Cutless Granular can be applied with a rotary-type spreader, gravity fed spreader or air-driven blower.

Q.  Is there a way to determine the residual control on plants treated with Cutless Granular?

A.  No.

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