Cutless Granular
Cutless Granular effectively reduces the frequency of trimming and amount of clippings. Significant cost savings can be obtained by reducing the labor associated with trimming, clipping clean-up and disposal, equipment costs and fuel costs.

The estimated cost savings determined by this calculator illustrates the way that Cutless Granular Landscape Growth Regulator can help you improve your company's bottom line.

Find out how much your company will save with Cutless Granular
Your geographic location
Landscape plant to be maintained
Plant height (feet)
Cutless Granular recommended rate
(per 1000 sq. ft.)
Enter months of growing season
(months of the year in which the plants grow and which you trim plants)

Number of times to trim this site during one year
Estimated man-hours to trim the 1000 sq ft. area
Hourly compensation for employee without FICA, workman's compensation, etc.( dollars )
Estimated man-hours to clean/haul trimmings from the 1000 sq ft. area and travel to/from disposal location
Fee for disposal of plant material trimmings (dollars)
Distance to/from job site and disposal location (miles)
Gasoline cost ( dollars per gallon )
Cutless Granular Preferred package
Cutless Granular price per pound
(21lb Pail - $119.00 MSRP & 40bag - $204.00 MSRP)
Estimated area of plant type on all your maintained property
(sq.ft example 43,560 = 1 acre)


This model uses cost assumptions based upon the best information available. Costs vary widely between landscape companies and your exact savings amount may vary. Please use this tool as an estimate of and check your costs against those used in the model.

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Additional Benefits
  • Reallocation of labor
  • Improved plant health
  • Reduced water use
  • Fewer trimming accidents
  • Improved flowering on some plants