Cutless Granular
With today’s economic climate and increased customer demand for maintaining the highest quality landscape plantings, successful companies will be forced to adapt and think beyond the use of conventional tools to get the job done.

These leading Landscape Professionals have incorporated Cutless Granular into their maintenance program and are experiencing the Cutless Granular advantage.

Dale Davis "Since incorporating Cutless Granular into our maintenance program, we have reduced the amount of clipping debris being deposited into landfills by nearly 50%, not to mention the fuel savings that we have experienced by reducing our trips to the dump."

– Dale Davis, Nanak’s Landscaping

Shannon O'Quinn "It's easier and cleaner to apply," referring to applying a granular formulation instead of a spray. You have better control without worrying about spray drifting. And it's visually more appealing to anyone who sees you working."

– Shannon O'Quinn, Landscape Supervisor, The Greenery

  Side-by-Side proven results with Cutless Granular
Note the enhanced blooms on the treated shrubs

Note the enhanced blooms on the treated shrubs

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Business Benefits
  • Reduced trimming and clean up means more profit per property
  • Free up trimming crews to spread labor on new profit generating jobs
  • Reduced trimming biomass means lower dumping fees
  • Less trimmer accidents means less liability, downtime and safer working conditions
  • More attractive and healthy plants means more satisfied customers, which means more business
Sustainability Benefits
  • Treated plants require less water and are better able to withstand drought conditions
  • Reduced clippings means less waste at landfills
  • Less fuel for power trimming and vehicles to haul debris
  • Less equipment use means less emissions and less maintenance
  • Plants are less susceptible to disease and insects
  • Small weeds in treated areas are also regulated and less noticeable
  • Shrubs and hedges are maintained at the desirable size meaning less replacement