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What is Cutless? What does Cutless do?
How Cutless improves turf quality? Read more about the benefits and use of this turf
growth regulator.
Features, Advantages & Benefits
Quick overview of the features and benefits of Cutless Turf Growth Regulator.
Application Guidelines
Helpful application and use tips for Cutless Turf Growth Regulator.
Questions and Answers
Commonly asked questions and answers about Cutless Turf Growth Regulator.
What Top Superintendents are saying about Cutless
Read about other golf superintendent's experiences using Cutless Turf Growth Regulator.
Reducing Poa annua in Cool-season Grasses
Online brochure. (PDF)
Regulating Growth and Poa annua on Over-seeded Perennial Ryegrass
Online brochure. (PDF)
New Cutless* 50W Turf Growth Regulator Research Studies
Season-long Applications of Cutless* 50W and the Cutless 50W + Primo MAXX® 1EC
Tank-mix Reduced Poa annua Populations in Creeping Bentgrass Fairways. (PDF)
Lateral Regrowth of Creeping Bentgrass Fairways and Greens Following Applications
of Cutless* 50W (flurprimidol) and Trimmit® 2SC (paclobtrazol). (PDF)
Research Studies
Summary of 2003 Cutless* 50W Turfgrass Growth Regulator Research on Creeping
Bentgrass and Perennial Ryegrass/Kentucky Bluegrass Fairways. (PDF)
Summary of 2003 Cutless 50W Turfgrass Growth Regulator Research on 419
Bermudagrass Fairways. (PDF)
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