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Decree application use and tips sheet
Timing for Botrytis Control
DECREE provides activity against Botrytis on ornamentals and should be used primarily as a preventative or at the onset of disease. Before using Decree on a wide-scale basis, SePRO recommends that you evaluate the product under your particular growing conditions. The trial is best performed when conditions are conducive to Botrytis development.

It is important that you evaluate the crop for Botrytis prevention or control seven days after application. If necessary, a second Decree application can be made 7-14 days following initial application. The label specifies that you should avoid making more than two consecutive applications of the same fungicide to maintain an appropriate resistance management strategy against Botrytis. Resistance management strategies advise against applying at rates lower than recommended on the label, and will help to maximize the effectiveness of all products used.

Use a base rate of 1 pound of formulated Decree per 100 gallons of water. For the purpose of evaluating Decree or for smaller applications, this equates to:

0.16 oz. or 4.5 grams of Decree per gallon of water, or
1 rounded teaspoon of Decree per gallon of water

How to Apply
Follow directions for use as specified on the Decree label. Use clean spray equipment and a triple-rinsed spray tank. Apply using high volume, low volume or ultra low volume ground equipment only. DO NOT apply this product using thermal application equipment. Maintain agitation during mixing and application.

Depending on such factors as the crop, application method, and spray technology, a slight residue may be visible after the spray solution dries. If this occurs, the addition of a wetting agent may be beneficial. Use of a wetting agent is only recommended if it is known to be safe for your crop and under your conditions. A slight benefit to disease control with the addition of a surfactant was noted in one research study.

Proper Coverage
Thorough coverage of plant tissue throughout the canopy is essential for optimum performance. Spray plants "to glisten"; avoid any puddling of the solution on leaf surfaces and dripping from run-off. Wait at least 2 hours before applying overhead irrigation.

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