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Aquatic weeds such as Hydrilla, Egeria and Southern Naiad can render waterbodies on golf courses, parks and private property unsightly and unusable. Komeen provides consistent and reliable control of these nuisance weeds and more in a wide variety of application situations.

Komeen carries no restrictions on how it may be applied or how soon the water may be used after treatment. Water treated with Komeen can be used immediately after treatment for drinking, watering livestock, fishing, swimming and recreation.

Komeen has been used in successful aquatic weed control programs for many years. A unique set of features makes Komeen a distinctive herbicide and algaecide with unmatched benefits.

Faster uptake than other copper herbicides
Treated weeds sink below the surface within 7 days
Effective even in hard water
Quality liquid formulation for longer shelf life
Flexibility for used around ornamentals and turf

Applicators can choose from a variety of treatment methods for unmatched convenience.

Spray on the surface by boat
Spray from the shore
Spray from aircraft
Subsurface spray
Apply as an invert emulsion
Combine with contact herbicides for one-shot algae and weed control
(see the product label for specific recommendations and precautions.)

Virtually anywhere nuisance aquatic weeds present a problem, Komeen provides the solution.

Golf course ponds
Recreational lakes
Ornamental ponds
Potable water reservoirs
Fire ponds
Industrial ponds

Where to buy: To purchase Komeen Aquatic Herbicide/Algaecide, contact your SePRO Aquatic Specialist or SePRO Corporation at 800-419-7779. May not be registered in all states. Always read and follow label directions.

Komeen Specimen Label (PDF)

Komeen Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
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