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SpinOut Application Tips
SpinOut is a water based latex coating containing copper hydroxide. SpinOut has been formulated to be applied to various substrates such as plastic, paper, wood, or metal. It has also been formulated to be used with currently available application equipment such as a standard brush, foam brush, foam pad, roller, or spray gun applicator. The choice of application tools should be made based on the number of nursery containers to be coated. If large numbers of pots are being treated, an intermediate grade contractor model airless or compressed air sprayer is recommended. The application tools are available at most hardware or building supply stores. Application equipment comes with detailed instructions on setup, operation, cleanup, and maintenance. When referring to these instructions, follow instructions for clean up of water-based latex paint. Spray equipment should be cleaned thoroughly after each use with soap and water as copper is corrosive to sprayer parts and will reduce the equipment's useful life.

Recommended Equipment
Airless spraying equipment is relatively easy to set up and operate. We have found the Campbell Hausfeld Airless AL2305 and AL1200 to be easy to operate and capable of a good output for hand spraying. The Wagner Power Painter Model 330 is acceptable for limited use. Application of large volumes of SpinOut with light duty sprayers causes excess wear to pump and sprayer parts.

Container Preparation
Coating performance is related to application and surface preparation. The surface to be coated should not be wet, oily or covered with loose soil. Surface contamination can be removed from used containers by dry brushing. Occasionally, new nursery containers may be covered with an oily finish, which prevents adhesion of SpinOut to the surface. If this occurs, contact your SePRO sales representative for possible solutions.

To treat large numbers of containers it is desirable to have 2-3 individuals an assembly line fashion. Ideally, one individual should de-nest the containers, another sprays the containers, and if available, a third to spread the containers in the sun to dry. If only two workers are available, the containers can be tossed in a stack to be spread out later. Do not attempt to re-nest the containers until the coating is completely dry. For best results, a uniform coating of SpinOut 2 to 3 mils thick (1.5-2 mils dry) is desired. The wet thickness can be measured by a paint thickness comb available at most paint supply stores. For aggressively rooted species a thicker coating may be desired; particularly on the bottoms of containers. For thicker coatings, apply one regular coat, allow to dry completely, and then apply a second coat. When treating plastic bedding or liner trays for propagation, a thinner coating may be desired. SpinOut may be diluted slightly with water (3 parts SpinOut to 1 part water) and applied as a thin coat.

Note: Some containers, particularly propagation trays, may be treated with a slipping agent for easy unstacking. Slipping agents usually appear waxy and can prevent the adhesion of SpinOut. If this is encountered, contact your SePRO sales representative for possible solutions.

Drying Time
Drying time is affected by the relative humidity, temperature, air movement and the coating thickness. The drying time may vary from 10-15 minutes on a warm, sunny, and windy day to an hour on a cool humid day. When dry, the coating changes color from black to gray at which time the pots can be collected and stacked. A completely dry coating at stacking or filling will insure maximum adhesion and performance. Do not allow the coating to get wet by rain or dew before drying, as this will cause blue streaks to form or adversely affect adhesion. The coating continues to gain integrity and strength over several weeks. Pots, which have dried completely, can be used immediately or nested and stored for later use. Store pots in a sheltered location or lay stacks on their sides in the open.

Application to Groundcover Fabrics
SpinOut can be applied to geotextile groundcovers to prevent excess root growth outside pots by plants in propagation or penetration of groundcover by aggressively rooted species. This insures better root development inside pots, cell packs and trays. This is particularly beneficial where air pruning is ineffective due to very moist conditions. Follow all application guidelines for containers. For added convenience, pretreated fabrics are available in a variety of precut sizes.

While SpinOut has been made with a minimum of solvents, it is still regulated by EPA and state regulatory agencies as a pesticide. Follow directions for the paint equipment and the SpinOut label. Consult the label for details. Protective equipment, such as goggles, protective gloves, and long sleeved clothing should be worn when applying. Avoid inhaling any mist associated with spray application. Provide fresh air, movement and ventilation especially in enclosed areas. Wear a paint mask or respirator when spraying. Avoid contact with skin. Wash SpinOut off skin with soap and water.
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