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Key Benefits of Topflor* Granular Ornamental Plant Growth Regulator

  • Darker leaf color
  • Higher chlorophyll content
  • Greater leaf thickness
  • Stronger stems
  • Decreased water loss
  • Improved flowering in some species
  • Better withstand environmental stresses

Granular Topflor Technology
Topflor Granular Ornamental Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) incorporates Topflor PGR technology now in an easy to apply granular product.  Since its release, Topflor has been proven to be a highly efficacious PGR when applied as media drench.  Now, Topflor technology is available in a granular formulation to be applied as a topical application to improve profitability and salability of container-grown ornamental crops.

Plant Responses to Topflor Granular
Topflor Granular contains the active ingredient flurprimidol, which effectively reduces internode elongation through the inhibition of gibberellin biosynthesis, resulting in a more desirable compact ornamental plant.  Topflor Granular has been shown to increase the quality of ornamental crops even in the absence of growth reduction. 

Where can Topflor Granular be used?
Topflor Granular can be applied to control height and manage unwanted growth in most container ornamental plants grown in outdoor nurseries and/or greenhouses.  Topflor Granular is not for use on crops which produce fruit, nuts, or other commodities for human consumption.

Topflor Granular applied to Gardenia, grown in 10-inch pots, (right) at 1 teaspoon/pot (4 grams) compared to untreated (left). Image was taken 8 months after treatment.

Topflor Granular applied to Knockout Rose, grown in 10-inch pots, (right) at 1 teaspoon/pot (4 grams) compared to untreated (left). 

Image was taken 8 months after treatment.

Applying Topflor Granular
Topflor Granular can be applied at any stage of the growth and development of container-grown ornamental plants.  For woody ornamentals and herbaceous perennials, best results are found when applications are made at the onset of spring greenup when the plants are shaped and pruned to the desired size.  If multiple applications are required, the plant should be shaped and pruned again prior to sequential applications.  Apply Topflor Granular as a topical application to individual pots for height control of container ornamentals.  Follow rate recommendations in Table 1 to determine the rates of Topflor Granular per pot.


Starting Rate Recommendations for Topical Applications of Topflor Granular

Notice to Users: The amount of Topflor Granular required for optimum growth regulation response is dependent upon the height and mass of woody stems, foliage volume, sunlight exposure, soil texture, rainfall and temperature conditions, and species tolerance. 
The user should evaluate Topflor Granular on a small area prior to large-scale applications to target plants.

1 Maximum allowable number of annual applications will be based upon the sum of applications made to not exceed the maximum grams per pot per year.


Topflor Granular applications should be moderately watered in to move the active ingredient into the root zone where it can be absorbed and translocated by the plant.  Avoid leaching and runout following application of Topflor Granular.

Volumetric Weight Measurements for Topflor Granular
Topflor Granular is applied in gram quantities to individual pots, similar to fertilizer or preemergence herbicide applications.  To accurately measure gram quantities of Topflor based on familiar systems of measurements, use the chart below.

Where to buy: To purchase Topflor Granular, contact your SePRO sales rep or distributor.  May not be registered in all states.  Always read and follow label directions.

Topflor Granular Specimen Label (PDF)

Topflor Granular Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)


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