Labor is one of your highest costs of doing business as a Lawn and Landscape Maintenance business. What if you could reduce the time and frequency spent on string trimming? You could reduce the crew numbers on maintenance jobs and allocate that labor to other profit generating activities.

Now there is a product specifically designed to reduce string trimming.

Introducing Edgeless® Liquid Turf Growth Regulator

Key Benefits of Edgeless Liquid Turf Growth Regulator

  • Eliminate string trimming for up to 8 weeks
  • Easy to follow calibration and application instructions
  • Aesthetic improvement over total vegetation herbicide treatments, or unsightly scalping caused by string trimmers
  • No damage to the base of trees, wooden fences and posts as with string trimming
  • Increased profit from your company's reallocation of labor to other projects

Edgeless 8oz. Bottle About Edgeless Liquid
Edgeless Liquid integrates the patented synergy of two turf growth regulators to control growth of turf grass and reduce string trimming requirements of both warm and cool-season turfgrass. Edgeless is applied as a 6-inch banded application wherever repeated string trimming or edging of turfgrass is required. Proper application of Edgeless can result in up to 8 weeks of growth control, greatly reducing the need for string trimming, resulting in improved profitability by reducing labor and fuel costs.

Where can Edgeless Liquid be used?
Edgeless can be applied to perennial turfgrasses along the perimeter of lawns, perennial landscape beds, sidewalks, curbs, parking lots, driveways, posts, mailboxes, building structures, gravestones, fences, and around the base of trees and other similar areas. Edgeless is used to slow the growth of most warm and cool-season turfgrasses.

Edgeless Example

Where to buy? To purchase Edgeless Liquid, either contact your SePRO Technical Sales Specialist or a SePRO Product Distrubutor. Edgeless may not be registered in all states.

Always read and follow label directions.