How to Apply Edgeless® Liquid

Application timing - Applications of Edgeless should be made to actively growing turfgrass. Spring applications should be made after resumption of active seasonal growth of turfgrass. The final application of the season should be timed a minimum of 4 weeks before the onset of inactive grass growth or winter dormancy. Applications of Edgeless should be avoided on turfgrass under stress due to temperature and moisture extremes. For best results, applications of Edgeless should be timed prior to expected flushes of growth.

Prior to application – Turfgrass designated to be treated with Edgeless should be string trimmed prior to application. A light clean-up trimming may be necessary for vigorously growing turfgrass up to 1 week after the application of Edgeless. String trimming is not recommended beyond 1 week after the application of Edgeless. This might result in a loss of growth regulation.

Application/Calibration – Proper application rate, spray volume and placement are important to ensuring optimum efficacy with Edgeless.

For optimum application, follow these 3 steps:
1. Determine desired rate based upon targeted turfgrass. Refer to Table A or the product label for specific use rates on targeted turfgrass species. SePRO recommends users apply Edgeless to small test areas to determine response and desired growth control.

2. Properly Calibrate Sprayer in Gallons Per Acre (GPA). SePRO recommends specific application equipment and spray techniques to maximize efficacy of Edgeless. Follow instructions below for calibration recommendations.

Nozzle – An even distribution nozzle is important for uniform coverage and regulation. SePRO recommends a TeeJet® 8002E nozzle for applications of Edgeless.

Pressure at Nozzle – Maintaining a consistent pressure at the spray nozzle is difficult with a backpack sprayer or other hand-held compression sprayers. SePRO recommends to
maintain a consistent pressure at the nozzle and target approximately 20 PSI with the 8002E nozzle. To target approximately 20 PSI, SePRO recommends you to use the Chapin CFValve™ (Model CFV1X-R3 8BSP) designed to maintain 21 PSI. For more information on Chapin CFValves visit

Height of spray tip – Edgeless should be applied to the turf as a 6-inch wide band with a single nozzle sprayer. SePRO recommends the 8002E nozzle which will apply Edgeless in a 6-inch band when held at 3.5 inches above the turf surface. Some users may design a guide that extends 3.5 inches below the spray tip to better target the proper height.

Edgeless Rate Chart

NOTE – The Table above assumes using the TeeJet 8002E Nozzle applied at approximately 20 PSI and a 6-inch wide spray band for all calculations. *Use higher amounts of Edgeless per gallon of water when environmental conditions favor vigorous growth turfgrass species.

NOTE: For sprayers calibrated at different GPA than shown above, refer to Table 2 of the Edgeless Liquid label for more dilution specifications.

Walking Speed – Edgeless is to be applied while walking at a consistent normal walking speed and holding the nozzle steadily over the turf surface.

  • To calibrate your walking speed, determine how long in seconds it takes to walk 100 feet or 33 yards. Use Table B below to determine your walking speed and resulting Gallons Per Acre (GPA). Additionally, Table B shows the approximate linear feet that could be treated per gallon of spray solution (assumes 6-inch wide spray band).
    Walking Speed Chart
    †Assumes a 6-inch wide spray band and utilizing the TeeJet 8002E nozzle applied at approximately 20 PSI.

3. Prepare your Spray Solution based upon walking speed and desired use rate. Use the Table A below to determine fluid ounces of Edgeless to mix per gallon of water based upon walking speed and targeted spray rate.

IMPORTANT! Edgeless should be applied by walking at a normal walking speed (2 to 3 mph) and moving the spray wand and nozzle steady over the turf surface. Edgeless should NOT be applied by moving the spray wand and nozzle back and forth over an area similar to a broadleaf weed application—this will result in non-uniform regulation. Edgeless should not be applied within 12 inches of annual flowers to avoid stunted growth of these sensitive plants.

After Edgeless Application – Rainfall or irrigation should not occur at least 2 hours after application or until product has dried on the leaf surface. Avoid string trimming turfgrass areas that have just been treated with Edgeless until after rainfall or irrigation occurs.

What to Expect After Edgeless Applications – Growth regulation should be evident in 4 to 7 days and may last as long as 8 weeks. During this period of growth regulation, string trimming will be greatly reduced or eliminated. If necessary, repeat applications can be made at 8 to 12 week intervals. Some short-term discoloration may occur with high rates of Edgeless. Thereafter, turfgrass treated with Edgeless may appear darker green in color.

Always read and follow label directions.