The Edgeless® Savings Calculator

Edgeless Turf Growth Regulator is being effectively used by Landscape Maintenance Professionals to reduce the time and frequency of string trimming. Significant cost savings can be obtained by reducing the labor associated with string trimming, equipment maintenance and gas/oil costs.

The Edgeless Savings Calculator will provide examples of the cost savings that can be obtained on various turf species. The estimated cost savings determined by this calculator illustrates the way that Edgeless Turf Growth Regulator can help your business improve its bottom line.

Primary turf grass species
Average walking speed of the Edgeless applicator
(usually ~2mph)
Hours spent string trimming per week for your example property
Average walking speed of string trimmer
(usually ~1.5mph)
Hourly compensation for string trimmer employees
(without FICA, workman's comp., etc.)

Profit margin of hourly employee
Gasoline cost per gallon

This model uses cost assumptions based upon the best information SePRO had available. Costs vary widely between landscape companies. Please use this tool as an estimate and check your own costs against those used in the model.

Always read and follow label directions.