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Lake Managers Implement Phosphorus Mitigation Solution

Most every summer until last summer, Lake Lorene would turn pea soup green due to impacts of excess phosphorus in the lake sediments. Last year, the homeowners group implemented on a new approach to restore water quality at the lake in suburban Federal Way, Wash. Results to date have been excellent, with a 53% reduction in total phosphorus. Earlier this week, AquaTechnex biologists implemented Phase 2 of the phosphorus program with Phoslock.

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Phoslock – A New Tool for Water Quality Restoration

SePRO Corporation, a provider of water quality and technology products, has a series of proven products that the Solitude team of experts and customers rely on to make our lakes and ponds balanced and beautiful.

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Completion of First Phoslock Application to Public Waters in Florida

Pine Lake has been plagued by eutrophication caused by excessive phosphorus loading, as are many of the lakes throughout Florida and the United States.
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New weapon battling phosphorus pollution


New life for Loch Flemington

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