Phosphorus Management with Phoslock

The development of a Phoslock phosphorus mitigation program is based on the assessment of site specific conditions such as water quality objectives, nutrient loading (internal and external) and water quality and sediment conditions. There are two general categories of Phoslock programs developed waterbodies:

  • Recovery Solution: Begin the water quality recovery process through strategic applications of Phoslock to remove targeted levels of FRP from the water column. This solution may also be rotated with SePRO algaecide applications as needed.
  • Reset Solution: Reset the ecological clock/trophic status and restore water quality by implementing a Phoslock program to remove a targeted quantity of FRP from the water and sediments. Project planning begins with assessment of water and sediment parameters (laboratory and field analysis) and nutrient budget modeling to allow for development of a custom Phoslock prescription. Application strategies may include a one-time application or a sequential application strategy over time based on site-specific conditions and management objectives.

How Phoslock Works

Phoslock, coupled with SeSCRIPT analytical services, provides a comprehensive assessment, prescription and implementation system for removing phosphorus and restoring water quality.

Learn more about SeSCRIPT Analysis.

For assistance in developing a water quality restoration program, contact your SePRO Aquatic Specialist or call 1-800-419-7779 or by email at

Phoslock Treatment side by side
Two adjacent lakes in the the Netherlands (Het Groen Eiland and De Gouden Ham), photo taken six months following a Phoslock® application to Het Groen Eiland lake.

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