Product Overview

Brake is a wide-spectrum, long residual cotton herbicide which provides an excellent foundation grass and broadleaf preemergence results for your weed control program, including resistant palmer amaranth.


  • Wide-spectrum foundation grass and broadleaf preemergence weed control providing less weeds to be controlled by our post applications
  • Excellent Pigweed (Palmer amaranth) control, you can count on
  • Long residual control
  • Works great in wet conditions, when you can’t get in the field
  • Safest preemergence available for your cotton
  • A unique chemistry for resistant management on your farm
  • Compatible with all herbicides you need to use inn cotton
  • Crop rotation flexibility for your farming operation
  • Earn rebates in the PhytoGen® Residual Rewards Program

Brake Program Approach

Brake provides grower flexibility. Take control using your own preferred pigweed herbicide program. Brake Herbicide is applied at planting, with another residual such as Diuron®, Reflex®, Warrant® or Cotoran®. Follow with a postemergence overlapping residual within 18 days after planting. Brake extends your pigweed control during the season. Scout fields and if necessary apply overlapping residuals with additional postemergence applications.

Brake represents a unique mode-of-action (a Group 12 Herbicide), for use in cotton to strengthen resistance management and provide control of glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth along with many other broadleaf weeds and grasses. Brake has exceptional safety to cotton with extended residual weed control which allows farmers to get their cotton off to a great start and maximize yield potential. Brake Herbicide provides exceptional preemergencence control and excels under wet conditions giving you assurance when it is too wet to get back in the fields.

Plan Your Program, Work Your Program!

Program for overall weed control and resistance management.
  • Start Weed Free, Stay Weed Free
  • Use multiple modes of action
  • Overlap residuals


  1. Use the most effective burndown herbicide(s) and/or tillage to start clean
  2. Use Brake as your foundation preemergence at 16 fl. oz./acre paired with another residual preemergence for maximum spectrum and consistency of control, plus a burndown product such as Gramoxone® to ensure a clean start
  3. Apply the most effective postemergence product(s) paired with residual within 18 days after planting to eliminate escapes and boost length of residual activity
  4. Scout and apply the most effective postemergence product(s) paired with residual to eliminate escapes and boost length of residual activity (if needed)
  5. Scout and apply with the most effective postemergence LAYBY product(s) to eliminate any escapes (if needed)


Always read and follow label directions. Cotoran and Diuron are registered trademarks of Makhteshim Agan North America. Warrant is a registered trademark of the Monsanto Company. Reflex and Gramoxone are registered trademarks of Syngenta Crop Protection LLC.

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