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What is Hydrilla?

Hydrilla was initially introduced to U.S. waters from aquariums in the 1950s and ’60s.

Now, it’s typically introduced to a water body by boat propellers or other parts of a watercraft.

Hydrilla can grow in stems up to 6 feet long, surrounded by many short leaves.

It’s a very aggressive competitor for space and resources, and is one of the most prominent invasive aquatic species in the southern United States.

Controlling Hydrilla with ProcellaCOR®

The new technology in ProcellaCOR allows for superior selectivity and control of hydrilla.

If you’ve dealt with the same problem areas for years, ProcellaCOR can take care of it and prevent hydrilla from impacting those areas in the future.

Our reimagined approach to hydrilla management means dosing is significantly lower, while results are significantly better.