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What is Milfoil?

Water milfoils are submersed aquatic plants with “dissected” leaves that create a distinct shape.

They can be very difficult plants to control using conventional methods.

Controlling Milfoil with ProcellaCOR®

The new technology in ProcellaCOR allows for superior selectivity and control of Milfoil.

If you’ve dealt with the same problem areas for years, ProcellaCOR can take care of it and prevent Milfoil from impacting those areas in the future.

Our reimagined approach to Milfoil management means dosing is significantly lower, while results are significantly better.

Milfoil grows from the bottom of this lake and lurks on the surface. This is just one example of invasive weeds that can interfere with your water body's ecosystem.

Variable Milfoil treated with ProcellaCOR (one week post-treatment)