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What about other aquatic weeds?

Milfoil, hydrilla, and crested floating heart are some of the most prevalent and most difficult to control.

However, there are other invasive aquatic weeds that you may see in your water body as well.

Parrotfeather, swampweeds, rotala, and slender spikerush can be tricky to control.

Controlling Other Invasive Aquatic Weeds with ProcellaCOR®

The new technology in ProcellaCOR allows for superior selectivity and control of these species with rates that are 40x-100x lower than conventional methods.

If you’ve dealt with the same problem areas for years, ProcellaCOR can take care of it and prevent these weeds from impacting those areas in the future.

Our reimagined approach to Milfoil management means dosing is significantly lower, while results are significantly better.

Slender Spikerush



Swampweed (Hygrophila)