Sonar (a.i. fluridone), SePRO's flagship aquatic solution, comes in several distinct formulations to tackle the toughest nuisance aquatic vegetation, such as watermeal or duckweed. Together, all the formulations make Sonar a versatile solution, fit for nearly any environment.

We have a Sonar for every waterbody, no matter your concerns and requirements:

Water Outflow

Speed and Time

Size of treatment area

Minimal Flow?

Ideal for water bodies with minimal flow. Designed for whole pond or lake treatment.

Sonar® A.S.

Rapid Treatment?

Lasts longer in the water and provides faster knockdown.

Sonar Genesis®

Spot treat?

A fast-releasing, easy-to-use pellet allowing for more accurate placement.

Sonar® Q

Heavy Outflow?

Slow-release pellets that prevent dilution in fast-moving water.

Sonar® SRP

One Application?

A pellet formulation that delivers an effective dose to targeted plants.


Large Area?

Improved efficacy over broader treatment sites and increased monitoring capability.

Sonar® PR

Season-Long Control

Sonar is the most effective solution available for controlling duckweed, watermeal, and many other undesirable aquatic weeds. Sonar eliminates unwanted vegetation from lakes or ponds for a year or longer.


Sonar Labels

Sonar A.S. Label
Sonar A.S. SDS
Sonar Genesis Label
Sonar Genesis SDS
SonarOne Label
SonarOne SDS
Sonar PR Label
Sonar PR SDS
Sonar Q Label
Sonar Q SDS
Sonar SRP Label

Registered States

*Sonar Q not registered in Hawaii. Sonar SRP not registered in Alaska.

Experts in Aquatic Solutions

SePRO’s Technical Specialists are trained to assist you with your toughest issues, from aquatic weeds that keep coming back to nusiance or toxic algae that are plaguing a water body. See how we can help.

The Science of Sonar

By inhibiting the development of chlorophyll-protecting yellow pigments, Sonar (a.i. fluridone) allows sunlight to destroy chlorophyll, which in turn limits the plant's ability to make food. This delivers gradual, selective control of target weeds, allowing desirable vegetation and fish to re-establish themselves while preventing oxygen depletion.

With Sonar you enjoy:

  • 30 to 60 days to control established weeds
  • Full results within 90 days
  • Visual confirmation of Sonar’s action:

    Chlorosis (bleaching) gradually appears on the growing points of treated plants

SePRO’s Research and Expertise


Over six years of research on product formulation, release rates, and pond sediment


Multiple, distinct Sonar formulations


Selective and broad-spectrum capabilities


Adapt to different waterbody sizes, shapes, flow patterns, aquatic plant species, and use types 


An effective solution for fishing, swimming, or decorative lakes

No Restrictions

No swimming, fishing, or drinking restrictions, even directly after application





Sonar A.S.

Waterbodies with minimal water flow

Immediate uptake into target plants, most efficient concentration level; best for targeting emersed plants

Sonar Genesis

Waterbodies with floating and emergent weeds

When fast-acting, long-lasting treatment is desired; has an easier, better-controlled application

Sonar Q

Ponds with muck sediments/high organic content

Quickly expands for an accelerated release in water, providing better, focused control in a shorter time

Sonar SRP

Fast moving water, heavy outflow from waterbody

Slow dissipation in placed location to allow extended exposure time in high outflow areas


In any size/form of waterbody - ONE solution is needed

When only one formulation, product, and application are wanted across the board for all waterbodies

Sonar PR

Variety of larger waterbodies (rivers, lakes, etc.)

When difficult treatment is needed in aquatic situations with dilution, flow, or more tolerant target plants