Product Overview

Zio Fungicide is the first fungicide identified and developed from the Genesis™ platform by AgBiome. The Genesis platform collects, isolates, analyzes, and tests thousands of microbes for use as biological control solutions. Lab, greenhouse, and field trials have proven Zio’s efficacy on a broad-spectrum of important diseases. Zio is labeled is compatible with other conventional and biological control solutions allowing it to be utilized alone or in combination with other technologies. Zio is a seamless integration into any IPM program.

Multiple modes of action
• Zio halts fungal respiration similar to synthetic chemicals
• Enzymatically breaks down fungal structure
• Colonizes plants and soil—competing with diseases for vital resources

Multiple modes of action
Antimicrobial, enzymatic, and colonizing action attack diseases simultaneously
Exceptional resistance management tool
As part of a IPM program, Zio reduces the risk of disease resistance development to synthetic fungicides
Broad-spectrum of activity
Zio can be used throughout the year to control several important diseases including Rhizoctonia, Pythium, and Phytophthora
4 hour REI and 0 PHI
Minimal time away from your plants and vegetables
Easy to use formulation
Wettable powder formulation performs outstanding with synthetic chemistries and is easy to measure for any acreage
Vegetable and Herb label
Spray your produce and ornamentals with the same tank
OMRI listed
Registered for organic use


Labels and SDS

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