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Cutless Granular is the only systemic plant growth regulator that saves you time and money, so you can free up resources and grow your business

By slowing the growth of hedges, shrubs, and groundcovers, your properties will require less maintenance, create less green waste, and require less irrigation. Plus, you’ll get healthier and better-looking plants.

With Cutless Granular you get:

• Lower labor requirements
• Improved plant health and appearance
• Less fuel consumption and irrigation
• Less plant material sent to landfills

At SePRO we understand you're running a business.  You have a bottom line to protect.  That’s why Cutless Granular is designed to save you time and money with each application, on everything from Boxwood to Viburnum.

Cutless Granular improves overall shrub shape and generates fuller, more attractive plants by stimulating branching, promoting darker and greener foliage, and enhancing flowering in some species.

Happier customers. Higher margins. Need we say more?