Cover All Your Bases from Tees to Greens and Everything In-Between

Summer months can be stressful and challenging for your course...and for you. Keep your turf and water features looking pristine. Clean up those challenges with the SePRO solutions below. And earn up to a $250 gift card with your purchase.


What you'll earn with your purchase:

  • Buy from 1 category, earn a $25 gift card
  • Buy from 2 categories, earn a $100 gift card
  • Buy from all 3 categories, earn a $250 gift card

Choose from the following categories:

PGRs   Turf PGRs
Technology to fit your needs
2.5 gallons of Cutless® MEC, Legacy®, or Musketeer®
  Aquatic Algae
Hammer & Broom Treatment
12.5 gallons of SeClear (Broom)
7.5 gallons of Captain® XTR (Hammer)
  Aquatic Weeds
Safe for irrigation
40 pounds of Komeen® Crystal
  Aquatic Weeds
Ideal for non-irrigation
5 pounds of SonarOne®
Fungicides   Zio® Fungicide
New way to manage diseases
10 pounds of Zio
  Soteria® Fungicide
Go-To Dollar Spot Technology
2.5 gallons of Soteria


Summers are stressful. Eliminate your simplest challenges.

Tees to Greens and Everything in-Between Summer Offer

Program Period: July 27 through August 21, 2020

Offer Details:

  • Purchase any of the listed product(s) offering to earn a $25 gift card
  • Purchase from 2 product categories (PGR, aquatic or fungicide) to earn a $100 gift card
  • Purchase from all 3 product categories (PGR plus Aquatic plus Fungicide) to earn a $250 gift card

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Always read and follow all label directions. Valid for golf course customers only. Limit 1 gift card per golf course. Captain, Cutless, Komeen, Legacy, Musketeer, SonarOne, Soteria, and Zio are registered trademarks of SePRO Corporation. SeClear Algaecide and Water Quality Enhancer is a trademark of SePRO Corporation. Copyright ©2020 SePRO Corporation.