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Because Everyone Deserves Clean, Safe, and Enjoyable Water

SePRO is dedicated to helping water resource managers solve challenging problems with invasive aquatic weeds, nuisance algae, and water quality.

We're committed to providing innovative and sustainable aquatic solutions so you can do more with less as you protect and restore Earth’s most precious natural resource—water.

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The True Heroes of Water Resource Management

Learn about the heroes that protect and restore Earth’s most precious natural resource.

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SePRO offers industry-leading aquatic herbicides, algaecides, and overall water quality solutions.

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Control Hydrilla, Milfoil, Crested Floating Heart, and other tough-to-control weeds with our new aquatic herbicide.

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SePRO’s Technical Specialists are trained to assist you with your toughest issues, from aquatic weeds that keep coming back to nusiance or toxic algae that are plaguing a water body. See how we can help.