Algae Corner Fan Letter: How Come I Keep Getting Algae?

Welcome back to the "Algae Corner!" Another common question we get is: "How come I keep getting algae?" This is a great question. Once a species has been sufficiently established in a system, it becomes much more likely that it will return in subsequent years.

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Akinetes & Biomass from Previous Years

Resting-state cells (called akinetes) or even biomass from prior years can fuel blooms in the future. Unfortunately, you are more likely to keep getting more and more algal growth once you've had it.


Typically this will start to occur when your pond has reached a tipping point, a high level of nutrient accumulation on the eutrophication scale. This is when you’ll start to get more and more algae each year.

Taking Action

If you've had that same type of algae in your pond and it keeps thriving, obviously it loves your pond system for one reason or another. It made itself right at home. Therefore, you have to do something to actually change the game. That is why we here at SePRO have developed solutions like SeClear.

Our aquatic technologies not only address the immediate concern (the algal growth itself), we’re also able to address the underlying cause. We can change the system to decrease the likelihood of that algae coming right back.

In Summary

If you’re dealing with repeat algae growth and stubborn, expanding blooms, it’s time to take action. Change the game so it doesn't thrive in your pond, and it doesn't just keep coming back year after year.

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