Algae Corner Fan Letter: Why Do I Have Algae?

Welcome to Algae Corner!

We get many questions from our subscribers, and a common one we often get is: “Why do I have algae?” Quite simply, if you have water and sunlight, something is going to grow.

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Algae Is Everywhere

Nearly every pond or lake system has many types of algae in it. They get around in all sorts of neat ways, including through the air. They can also attach to wildlife and be brought in. It's nearly impossible to keep algae from coming in.

Algae Can Be Good

Many of those algae in your pond are actually good. They make up the base of the food chain. They're grazed by benthic invertebrates or zooplankton and grow those big fish.

Excess Growth Can Cause Problems

However, when they grow too fast, or you get nasty types that nothing likes to eat, that's when you often have nuisance algae overgrowth.

At SePRO, we’re focused on designing approved, ecologically sound, and strategic solutions to help you get things back on track in your pond. Our goal is to help you create more of a balanced system, taking out those nuisance nasty algae and selecting for those more beneficial ones.

In Summary

To wrap things up today, almost all aquatic systems innately have algae in them. If yours is getting out of line, we can help you find the right prescription to get things balanced out and back on track. For more resources, please reach out to our trained technical specialists or learn more about solutions for algae control on our website. Thanks for tuning in!