Algae Corner: Introducing EutroSORB Phosphorus Filtration Technology

Today I’m very excited to introduce a brand new technology that I helped develop! It’s called EutroSORB Phosphorus Filtration Technology.

EutroSORB fits a critical need in water resource management programs, which I will explain in today’s episode.

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Why is it important?

We already have industry-leading technologies for nutrient mitigation in the pond itself, like Phoslock. This gives us the ability to bind the nutrients from the water column into the sediments. And there are certainly things you can do upstream, like watershed programs or storm water control measures. However, most ponds have inflows, whether they are streams, ditches, culverts, etc. These bring a lot of water and nutrients into the pond, and this can greatly degrade water quality in your system.

How does it work?

Nutrients in flowing water are exactly what EutroSORB was designed to target. It excels in these conditions. It loves flowing water and can quickly bind phosphorus out of the water column in those inflow waters as it comes across the filter. This is a critical new tool for nutrient mitigation, and definitely something to consider incorporating in your water resource management program.

In summary

Take a look at your pond or lake, and see if you can identify these inflows into your system. That's where EutroSORB needs to be! It can certainly help you offset the eutrophication process and improve the overall health of your water resource.