Algae Corner: Introducing the "What Is It?" Mini-Series

Welcome, everyone! I'm excited to introduce you to a new mini-series event within "Algae Corner" entitled, "What is It?"

Here at SePRO, we get all sorts of samples and pictures from aquatic systems across the country. In this series, I'm going to share some of those with you, to enhance your expertise on what you may be seeing out there. We'll talk about whether it's good or bad, and whether it could harm you or not.

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This series will consist of quick, informative, short episodes highlighting a new aquatic growth in each episode. These growths may or may not be algae, though! We may include some plants, fungi, bacteria, or molds. But they'll all be something you may readily see out there in your pond or lake, or any other waterbodies you may encounter.

Hopefully this mini-series will fascinate you and teach you something really cool about what you're seeing in your aquatic system. Feel free to send us any questions or any pictures of new things you're seeing out there. We'd love to put together a special episode on something you're seeing.

From all of us at SePRO, thanks for watching!