Algae Corner: SePRO Laboratory Services Overview

What we're covering today is a broad overview of SePRO Laboratory Services. Our laboratory is focused on water resource management, primarily for lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and overall surface water management.

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FasTEST analyzes herbicide residues in the water, and this can be used for multiple different purposes. For example, some herbicides need to be kept at a specific concentration and for a specific duration to control the target nuisance weed. We can achieve that through the FasTEST analysis.

It can also help you understand whether or not a product is below irrigation restrictions, and if the product hasn't gone below a safety level to irrigate with that same water.


GenTEST provides genetic analysis of plants, primarily hydrilla. This a federally listed noxious, invasive species that's spreading through the country.

Through GenTEST, we can take some of that plant material, look at its genetic makeup, and tell you which product and which concentration is going to be best to attain control.


SeSCRIPT is probably our fastest growing service. Algae and Water Quality Prescription Services is the long name, and basically it provides a lot of information on your background water chemistry. It also includes the type of algae you have, the density, and whether or not it's a toxic algae.

We can build a lot of prescriptions for your water resource using this service. We can address nutrient concentration, and also determine the best way to directly control nuisance algae.

If you want to send in a SeSCRIPT sample, let us know. If you plan on sending in a lot, we actually have a service called SeSCRIPT Select to offset some of the shipping costs associated with that.


With PlanTEST, you’ll take plants out of your lake, pond, or reservoir so we can actually test them in the laboratory. This gives us a lot of good documentation on what treatment is going to work and at what concentration.

We put a guarantee behind that treatment. We know we can control that nuisance, noxious weed in your water resource because we’ve analyzed it. We can also typically be very selective and not have an impact on those beneficial, native plants.


With EffecTEST, you’ll send in portions of your plant, and we can confirm that we're controlling it. We’ll measure the impact on those nuisance, noxious weeds that you may be battling to ensure you’re getting the control you want.


As always, thanks for tuning in to the Algae Corner with me, Dr. West Bishop.

This episode was just a broad overview of numerous laboratory services that SePRO provides to support water resource management programs.

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