Aquashade Mini-Series: Give Your Algae the Blues

Welcome back to this special mini-series event on Aquashade. This episode is titled, "Give Your Algae the Blues."

Imagine if you weren’t able to get your energy source, if you couldn’t eat for a few days. You’d feel a bit sluggish, right?

Probably lethargic, and often you’d be less able to fight off some diseases or other stressors, and you're certainly not going to grow or gain mass. We could say that you're feeling the blues, right?

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Algae Energy Source

So to transfer this over to algae, most species don't eat like we do. Rather, they attain energy from sunlight. That is what they use as an energy source.

They capture it to make ATP and NADPH, and use those to reduce organic carbon into building blocks. Then they use those to make amino acids and proteins, and ultimately, more cells. Without that energy, sort of like us not eating, algae will feel the blues.

Feeling the Blues

So how do we do that? Well, this is the punny part, if you will. Aquashade. As its name implies, we can strategically shade out the key light wavelengths needed by algae to grow.

It's a strategic blend of dyes that specifically targets those critical wavelengths of light, and additionally, turns your water into a beautiful, natural blue color. This is both from the dye itself and blocking those pesky organisms from growing the weird green colors that they often produce.

Additionally, it results in less BOD, less dissolved oxygen risks, less organic matter accumulation, and it can ultimately extend the life of your pond and make it much healthier.

Get Ahead with Aquashade

Head off those algae proactively. Give them the blues, make them sluggish. Never let them get to that nasty bloom stage that can be toxic and impede all uses of your pond.

Don't let them grow voraciously and out of control, especially the noxious and toxic types that can wreak havoc on your pond system and can threaten human health through that toxin production. Make them weaker. Don't let them get as much biomass. Make them less of a nuisance in your system with Aquashade. Thank you for tuning into this special mini-series event episode. Get out there and give your algae the blues!