Aquashade Mini-Series: The "Sonar" for Algae

Welcome back to this special mini-series event on Aquashade. The title of this episode is appropriately named, "The Sonar for Algae."

Let me explain this to you if you aren’t familiar with our product Sonar. It is the go-to product for aquatic weed control in waterbodies, and can be used proactively to manage weeds all season long.

Depending on the rate you use, it can essentially control all the weeds, or certainly be selective toward nuisance invasive ones. It’s an incredibly effective product which is widely used, and a great tool for water resource management.

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I often get the question, "Do you have a Sonar for algae?" Meaning: do you have a proactive and long term solution to keep algae from becoming as much of a problem all season long, sort of like Sonar is for weeds?

Algae Control is Tricky

As we've already learned in prior episodes, algae are a lot trickier to control. They're more diverse and dynamic, and they can shift throughout the year. But I will say: "Eureka, we found a solution!" It actually helps Sonar work better with weeds, too.

Algae Need Sunlight

Let’s dig in a little. The key factor almost all algae need, especially the nuisance ones we commonly encounter in freshwater ponds and lakes, is light. That's their energy source. That's what they use to get their energy, the power, to make the organic carbon compounds which comprise the vast majority of their biomass. Without available light, you won't have the same nuisance levels of algae. And now we can control it.

Decrease Sunlight and Control Algal Growth

With the right amount of Aquashade in your system, we can drastically decrease the key wavelengths of light that cause algae to grow. This is a critical way to proactively control them for the long term in your pond. It can also be used with other nutrient mitigation technologies. Some algae do have unique adaptations to acquire nutrients, so managing light is an awesome way to attack them and a great part of the one-two punch when you use these products together.

Make Aquashade the Foundation of Your Strategy

This is how Aquashade can act like Sonar, that excellent long term controller of weeds, but for algae. Since light is the key driving force for essentially all nuisance algae you are facing, this should be the first and sustained step you take to manage your water resource, the base of your management program.

In Summary

You can incorporate Aquashade any time of year to keep your water safe, healthy, and beautiful looking in the process. The Sonar for algae, if you will. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to watch the other episodes in this mini-series event to take a deeper dive into the science behind this technology called Aquashade. Thanks for watching this episode of "Algae Corner!"