Congratulations Aquatic Control, Inc.

The use of Before and After photography of your projects visually continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of SePRO technologies and products—along with your professional skill—in protecting, preserving, and restoring our most precious natural resource…water. Thank you for your continued leadership and dedication to the aquatics industry.


Cody Bragg

SePRO Solution: ProcellaCOR
Target: American Lotus
Comments: Only one treatment of ProcellaCOR versus multiple trips with glyphosate. 100% control in one treatment where ProcellaCOR came in contact with the lotus. The customer was very happy with the results and made my life as an applicator easier!


Adam Charlton

SePRO Solution: ProcellaCOR
Target: Parrotfeather
Comments: Treatment was a major success! One application gained complete control of the parrotfeather in the entire lake. The customer was very happy!


Nate Eddy

SePRO Solution: ProcellaCOR
Target: Eurasian Water Milfoil
Comments: Successful treatment of EWM in a high flow system. Better results and longer control!


Tim Holt

SePRO Solution: ProcellaCOR
Target: Yellow Floating Heart
Comments: For years the client has been fighting to control YFH, pouring money into multiple treatments per year. They are thrilled to know that eradication of YFH is a possibility and their fight will soon be over.


Chris Jordan

SePRO Solution: ProcellaCOR
Target: Water Primrose
Comments: Faster and longer control with fewer retreatments compared to other alternatives!


Steve Lee

SePRO Solution: ProcellaCOR
Target: Yellow Floating Heart
Comments: A first-round knockout! The entire community was extremely pleased with the final results.


Nathan Long

SePRO Solution: Captain XTR
Target: Filamentous Algae
Comments: The only algaecide that achieved greater than 80% control on tough algae. Property values restored and recreation improved!


Leif Willey

SePRO Solution: ProcellaCOR
Target: Yellow Floating Heart
Comments: Best results to date. Longer control, fewest treatments, and less product. The customer was extremely happy with the appearance of the lake and how little product it took!