ECOS - Early Control Optimized Sonar Performance

Tired of chasing weeds? Is your labor stretched?

ECOS Preventive Aquatic Weed Control is a SonarOne® prescription.

  • Save on labor
  • Save on algaecides–up to 35% reported
  • Guaranteed weed control and fixed budget
  • SonarOne and done
  • Never see the weeds

The optimal rate of SonarOne in this ECOS prescription provides season-long weed control of submersed aquatic weeds. ECOS is guaranteed by SePRO providing a fixed budget for weed control programs.


Application rates in the tables above are for one acre with a mean depth between 2 to 4 feet. The first application should occur based upon the timing described in this use guidance. Bump applications should occur approximately four weeks following the previous application. SonarONE should be applied before plant growth begins or at the early onset of submersed weed growth. The SePRO Performance guarantee is not designed for ponds with constant flow with a turnover time of less than 14 days and does not include control of the following species: floating aquatic plants (duckweed, watermeal, salvinia etc.), cabomba, Illinois and large-leaf pondweed, hygrophila, spike rush, vallisneria, rooted-floating plants, water chestnut or algae. For ponds with an average depth greater than 4 feet, an additional quantity of product will be required. See your SePRO Technical Specialist for details. This is specific guidance for SonarOne; modification of formulation may impact results and should be discussed with your SePRO Technical Specialist.


Fixed Budget Performance Guarantee

Applications Requirements:

1. Apply regional rate of SonarOne®

2. Apply per regional timing map

3. Turnover >14 days


For more information about ECOS Preventative Aquatic Weed Control, contact your SePRO Technical Specialist or call 1-800-419-7779 

Always read and follow label directions. SonarOne and ECOS Preventative Aquatic Weed Control are registered trademarks of SePRO Corporation. ©Copyright 2019 SePRO Corporation.