Find Out How to Winterize Your Water with Phoslock®

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Did you know that excess phosphorus in your water can fuel problems like algae growth? It may not occur to you now, but these nutrients can be the ideal fuel for growth once spring comes around.

Winterize this Fall with Phoslock®

Phoslock® is a simple tool for phosphorus management. Guard your water body against phosphorus
pollution, the fuel for harmful algae blooms and aquatic ecosystem disruption. Phoslock® is not an
algaecide or pesticide, it’s a phosphorus locking technology and water quality protector!

Nutrient pollution fuels the growth of harmful algal blooms which devastate aquatic ecosystems

Too much nitrogen and phosphorus in the water causes algae to grow faster than ecosystems can
handle (

Phoslock FAQ

Question:  How does Phoslock® work?
Answer:  Phoslock® has a high affinity to rapidly bind and permanently remove free reactive phosphorus (FRP) from the water column shortly after application. As Phoslock® settles at the sediment—water interface, the lanthanum in Phoslock continues to bind FRP release from the sediments on its available sites.

Question:  When should I apply Phoslock®?
Answer:  Phoslock® should be applied prior to algae growth. If algae are present, make a SeClear or CaptainXTR application 3-5 days before applying Phoslock®. Ponds and Lakes may be treated throughout fall, winter, and early spring.

Question:  Are there any water use restrictions with Phoslock®?
Answer:  No. There are no water use restrictions with Phoslock®. Water can immediately be used to irrigate turf and ornamentals.