Introducing ProcellaCOR™ Aquatic Herbicide. The Ultimate Solution to Remove Invasive Aquatic Weeds!


Manages habitat destroying weeds without recreational or human consumption restrictions.

Seeks invasive aquatic plants while protecting native plants.

Safer than older chemistries protecting fish and wildlife habitats.

Reduced risk designation from the U.S. EPA for having a safer chemistry.


ProcellaCOR is only available from SePRO PRO Certified companies having gone through certification.

PRO Certified companies have undergone training and successfully passed SePRO's certification and have annual training events.

ProcellaCOR Specialists are properly trained to assess, prescribe, and implement ProcellaCOR Aquatic Herbicide.


Systemically attacks nuisance weeds using less product to achieve longer, lasting control.

Utilizes 40x -100x less active ingredient than older chemistries.

Improves property value by removing unslightly weeds from your view.

Requires less applications for control, reducing recurring labor costs.


ProcellaCOR is a NEW, advanced technology for selectively removing invasive aquatic weeds including Hydrilla, Eurasian and hybrid watermilfoils, crested floating heart, water hyacinth, and many more without injuring the native species.

Backed by SePRO's reputation and research.


Resolve Problems

 A PRO Certified team researching and creating a customized solution for hydrilla.

Proven Results

Invasive Variable Milfoil treated with ProcellaCOR (one week post-treatment).

SePRO Quality

Researchers described ProcellaCOR as having the best features of other technologies combined.

Certified Expertise

PRO Certified ProcellaCOR Specialists are trained and certified in executing ProcellaCOR solutions.



EC Label
SC Label

Registered States

Experts in Aquatic Solutions

SePRO’s Technical Specialists are trained to assist you with your toughest issues, from aquatic weeds that keep coming back to nusiance or toxic algae that are plaguing a water body. See how we can help.

Benefits of ProcellaCOR


ProcellaCOR attacks invasive species like watermilfoils, hydrilla, and yellow floating heart, while not harming native plants you want.


No need for multiple applications, ProcellaCOR kills systematically for long-term control. We guarantee* 3 seasons of milfoil control!


The EPA awarded ProcellaCOR its Reduced Risk designation for safer chemistry. There are no swimming, fishing, or potable water restrictions.


ProcellaCOR requires 40x-100x less active ingredient to be achieve longer control. It's only applied by the best in the business.


As the leading aquatic restoration product manufacturer, SePRO, along with its network of Stewards of Water partners are recognized leaders in the battle against invasive weeds, toxic algae, phosphorous and many other threats. Together SePRO and the Stewards of Water assist homeowners' associations (HOA), pond owners, golf course superintendents, municipalities, and many others in safeguarding their water resources.

Living on a water body is supposed to be a blessing, not a burden. Instead of worrying about nuisance aquatic weeds, you should be enjoying the reasons you moved next to a lake. Aquatic recreation. Beautiful views. Natural lifestyle.

Take back your pond.




*Ask your PRO Certified ProcellaCOR Specialist for details, terms, and conditions of the Extended Control Contract.