We Have Your Back.

Whether you have a question about rates, need a treatment prescription, or want to brainstorm on a new concept—the SePRO team is here to help you find a solution. Please reach out to your local Specialist or anyone on our team day or night.


Technical Specialists

Ajay Jones
Technical Specialist
M: 661-381-8384
E: ajones@sepro.com

Travis Fuller
Technical Specialist
M: 509-222-4278
E: travisf@sepro.com

Ryan Van Goethem
Technical Specialist
M: 303-229-9622
E: ryanv@sepro.com


Clint Formby
Technical Specialist
M: 512-410-9043

Michael Hiatt
Technical Specialist
M: 608-416-0537
E: michaelh@sepro.com

Jon Gosselin
Technical Specialist
M: 603-494-5966
E: jong@sepro.com


Todd Horton
Market Development Manager
M: 864-561-3640
E: toddh@sepro.com

Rory Roten
Technical Specialist
M: 321-890-4367
E: roryr@sepro.com

Kelli Gladding
Technical Development Specialist
M: 386-409-1175
E: kellig@sepro.com

Aquatic Support

Sam Barrick
Vice President, Marketing
M: 317-216-8073
E: samb@sepro.com


Tyler Koschnick
Vice President, Sales & Research
M: 317-216-8280
E: tylerk@sepro.com


Scott Shuler
West Regional Sales Manager
M: 317-388-3316
E: scotts@sepro.com


Shaun Hyde
East Regional Sales Manager
M: 317-580-8097
E: shaunh@sepro.com


Michael Shaner
Invasive Weed Management Portfolio Manager
M: 813-267-5650
E: michaels@sepro.com


Mike Pearce
Algae & Water Quality Solutions Portfolio Manager
M: 208-755-7930
E: mpearce@sepro.com


Mark Heilman, Ph.D.
Senior Aquatics Technology Leader
M: 317-775-3309
E: markh@sepro.com


West Bishop, Ph.D., CLP
Algae Scientist & Water Quality Research Manager
M: 252-391-8218
E: westb@sepro.com


Erika Van Goethem, Ph.D.
Aquatic Technology Development Scientist
M: 252-326-5441
E: erikav@sepro.com


Ben Willis
Aquatic Development Scientist
M: 252-301-7891
E: ben.willis@sepro.com