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Sick of pigweed? Give it the boot with Brake!

You’ve probably seen the cultural suggestions to deal with pigweed: be vigilant about not letting the seeds spread. Make sure your rows are close together. Till the seeds under at least six inches. And here at SePRO, we support these methods. But, let’s face it, it’s just not enough.

Problem One: Soaring Costs

Herbicide costs have soared with the emergence of glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth, and the usual solutions just aren’t cutting it. SePRO has you covered with a new mode of action for a reliable stalwart of the industry. The best of the tried-and-true, with the cutting edge innovations of the new.

Problem Two: Superweed Status

We know our partners have their work cut out for them. This superweed is no joke. Palmer amaranth is widely considered cotton’s worst enemy since the boll weevil. Not only does it ruin crops, but it damages equipment and costs a lot to manage effectively.

One of the main suggestions for dealing with this nemesis is to contain the seeds, but when a single plant can produce close to 500,000 seeds, that just isn’t possible. And the labor-intensive hand-weeding that is sometimes required (to protect costly equipment) has, in the most drastic cases, forced farmers to abandon an entire crop. This isn’t an outcome we find acceptable for our partners.

Problem Three: Glyphosate Resistance

Adding to this difficult problem is the emergence of glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth in 2004. Now farmers are faced with trying to beat this weed without the herbicide that had been most effective in the past.  Again, here at SePRO, we don’t want our partners in this position.

The SePRO Solution

Enter Brake.

Brake offers a firm foundation for a comprehensive, integrated weed-management protocol. Because Brake offers excellent Palmer amaranth control AND is compatible with such a wide spectrum of supporting herbicides, it gives our partners the best chance at beating the Pigweed enemy. By combining Brake with five to eight other herbicide modes, your crops are protected with a successful resistance-management strategy

The Brake Advantage(s)

Brake provides superior pigweed control as the foundational residual control in a comprehensive program. In this Brake blog series, we’ll look at the this new mode of action and the superior safety offered by Brake, the unique flexibility and compatibility Brake offers, and how Brake can deliver the ever-elusive combination of wide spectrum and residual control.  

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