Options for Shoreline Weed Control

Shoreline Basics



  • The shoreline, or the littoral area, ranges from zero to four or six feet from your shoreline.


  • Typically, these areas are very shallow, and they are often hot from the sun.


  • They also get a lot of nutrients from run-off.


  • In addition, they often have a lot of different biomass options in terms of emergent and submersed vegetation.


  • Submerged vegetation that you might see might include Milfoil, Hydrilla, Rushes, Naiads, and Bladderworts.



Shoreline Problems


One problem with these overgrown areas, of course, is that they're aesthetically unpleasing, so you’d like to have those under control.


But from a more functional, logistical stance, it's really important to control your vegetation, especially when your irrigation intake is nearby. If vegetation gets into your irrigation intake, it can pose dangerous situations that you want to avoid.



Shoreline Solutions from SePRO


Komeen Crystal

One excellent solution to shoreline problems is using a product called Komeen Crystal. This is a pelletized formulation of Komeen, so you simply put it where the plants are growing.



  • Very fast acting
  • No irrigation restrictions
  • Very easy to apply
    • Simply hand-cast it where your plants exist
    • walk away from it
    • you're done!



You might also have shoreline emergent vegetation, such as Cattails, Rushes, Sedges, and Willows. One of the best options you have for that is the use of Clearcast.

And Clearcast has a big advantage because it’s one of only three products designated by the United States EPA as a “reduced risk classification.”


And the other really big advantage of using Clearcast for emergent vegetation, is the fact that you don't have to go in and hand remove the vegetation. Once you go and apply, you get plant death, and the plants naturally break down.



Stingray is another important trick to have up your sleeve. Since Clearcast alone can take up to four to six weeks to gain control, you can add a few ounces of Stingray into your mix to speed up the process!



Shoreline Takeaways


Best bets for controlling shoreline vegetation:


  • Komeen Crystal
    • submersed vegetation around your irrigation intake
    • littoral plantings


  • Clearcast
    • emergent plants


  • Stingray
    • add to Clearcast to speed up results



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