SonarOne for Aquatic Weed Control

The SonarOne Safety Advantage



In a golf course setting, SonarOne is an ideal formulation to use for most aquatic weed issues that you might have, mainly because you can avoid any issues with irrigation. This helps protect valuable turf grass and plants.


Six Key Advantages


  • Liquid formulations such as Sonar AS or Sonar Genesis are going to have faster decay rates in terms of how long those concentrations stay in the water. However, SonarOne is a pelletized formulation of Sonar, so its time-release formulation keeps concentrations consistent.



  • Because you’re not spraying, there's no risk for any spray drift and damage to your shoreline plants or your littoral plantings that you’ve invested a lot of money into.


  • There’s no special equipment needed. No spreaders or sprayers or anything like that. Just a simple bucket or scoop. As long as those pellets are getting where the plants are, the product is going to do its job.


  • When you're in a hot environment, no PPE or personal protection equipment is required to apply SonarOne.


  • If you're in an area where you have severe rain, a liquid formulation of Sonar is going to dilute quite quickly, but SonarOne has a time-release. As soon as the rain stops, the concentrations of Sonar will go back up in your water body.


  • A fan favorite: it saves you money! Because of the number of applications and the rates that you use, you can typically get away with less product as well as fewer applications. In fact, one application may do the job and you can be done with it!


SonarOne’s Special Golf Course Advantage


If you have irrigation that you can't turn off because you need to irrigate your turf or your ornamental plants, you can only go up to 10 parts per billion concentration with a liquid formula before you risk harming your turf grass or ornamental plantings.


However, with a pelletized formulation of SonarOne, you can put upwards of 30 parts per billion in your water body on a single application. Because of that time-release, it will never break 10 PPB.



A Final Tip from a SonarOne Pro


Know your water body's parameters, such as acreage and accurate depth. Even better, if you know how much water you're pulling out of the system, a SepRO expert can accurately and precisely give you a recommendation on how much product you need for your water body.


Next Steps


SonarOne is the perfect formulation to use in an irrigation system within a golf course. It gets you the results you want. And it makes the job of a superintendent much easier. Connect with an expert today to get started with SonarOne.

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