Product Overview

Soteria Fungicide is the building block in every fungicide program. Soteria has a unique, multi-site mode of action, that provides broad-spectrum control of many devastating turfgrass diseases. This technology is highly effective at controlling anthracnose, brown patch, dollar spot, including strains resistant to other fungicides, as well as several other diseases.

The many mechanisms by which Soteria attacks, gives turf diseases a low chance of developing resistance. Soteria’s active ingredient is classified in the FRAC group 29, the only chemistry in that group registered for use on turfgrass.

Unsurpassed dollar spot efficacy
Eliminate the most costly disease to manage
Multi-site activity
Significantly reduce the risk of resistance
Broad-spectrum disease control
Seamless integration into all fungicide programs
Low use rate
12 applications per year
Excellent turf safety
Disease control across all turf species

Dollar spot - Untreated bentgrass (left) and Soteria treated (right) applied at 0.5 fl.oz./1,000 ft2


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