Product Overview

New World Plant Protectant

Zio Fungicide is a revolutionary bacteria hand-selected from a library of 60k+ microbes to protect plants against destructive diseases and improve quality. It colonizes the plant while producing compounds to control harmful plant pathogens including Rhizoctonia (Brown Patch), Pythium and anthracnose. Zio has been scientifically proven to provide preventative control of resistant fungi utilizing multiple modes-of-action (MoA). Additionally, Zio can be mixed with traditional fungicides to enhance efficacy and minimize the risk of resistance development.

Zio Quick Facts
Use Sites
Turfgrass, seed and turf establishment, ornamental plants, fruit and vegetable transplants
50% wettable powder
Active Ingredient
Pseudomonas chlororaphis strain AFS009
Mode of Action (FRAC Group)
Fungicidal/enzymatic + biological (BM02)
Restricted-Entry Interval (REI)
Signal Word
5 pound bag

Selecting the Very Best

Zio is the first fungicide identified and developed from the Genesis™ platform by AgBiome. The Genesis platform collects, isolates, analyzes, and tests thousands of microbes for use in agriculture. The efficiency of the platform aids in sequencing numerous and diverse microbes from around the globe. While Zio is the first product generated from the Genesis platform, several additional insecticide, nematicide, herbicide and fungicide candidates are sequenced on a daily basis.

New Approach to the Same Old Diseases

Zio is labeled to control several turf and ornamental diseases:

• Anthracnose (Colletotrichum graminicola)
• Aerial Blight (Rhizoctonia spp., Sclerotinia)
• Botrytis cinerea*
• Brown Patch (Rhizoctonia spp.)
• Damping Off (Fusarium nivale. Pythium spp.)
• Fusarium Patch (Fusarium nivale)
• Pythium Blight (Pythium spp.)
• Phytophthora
• Stem & Root Rot (Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia spp.)


Zio (blue) attacking a fungal spore (orange), suffocating it with a biofilm (gray).


How Zio Fights Disease, Inside and Out

One key characteristic that sets Zio apart is its multiple unique modes-of-action (MoA). There are three primary mechanisms it utilizes to protect plants.   

•  Halts fungal respiration, similar to synthetic fungicides

•  Enzymatically breaks down fungal structures

•  Colonizes plants and soil—competing with pathogens for vital resources

With 3 unique MoA, Zio can be used to successfully protect plants against fungi resistant to commonly used chemistries. Additionally, Zio can be mixed with traditional fungicides to enhance efficacy and minimize the risk of resistance development.


*Suppression of Botrytis requires preventative applications and better suppression is noted in moderate to low disease pressure.

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Labels and SDS

Specimen Label

FIFRA 2(ee) Recommendation

Safety Data Sheet

Registered States

Use and Application

Using Zio

Zio is formulated as a 50% wettable powder (WP) and can be applied by chemigation, soil drench, foliar spray, or media incorporation. The label allows for applications to turfgrass (including turf and seed establishment), ornamental plants (indoor and outdoor), and vegetable and fruit transplants. Do not allow product to freeze or store in areas subject to excessive heat.

To successfully mix, use an inductor system or slurry Zio in a separate container. When using an inductor system, it is best the hopper remains dry until all product has been added to the spray tank. To slurry Zio, add 1 - 2.5 lbs of Zio to 5 gallons of water and mix until the product is completely in suspension. For best results, slurry using a drill with a paint mixer bit. Use clean water to triple-rinse spray tank and flush spray system immediately after application.

Applying Zio

Zio is highly compatible with commonly used fertilizers and pesticides. For maximum performance do not tank-mix Zio with fungicides containing copper or mancozeb.

Research results have shown excellent efficacy when integrated into fungicide programs as a standalone application and even greater control when applied as a tank-mix in combination with other fungicides.


New Approach to Old Diseases

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