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If insects are infesting your operation, your plants are at risk.


When pests harm your plants, they're eating away at your profits, too. But now, there's a solution for California growers: Hachi-Hachi SC. For spectacular, broad-spectrum insect control that is active on all life stages.


Hachi-Hachi SC Insecticide is part of SePRO’s growing line of non-neonicotinoid insecticides. The improved formulation provides the spectacular, broad-spectrum insect control with great crop safety. Hachi-Hachi SC is highly efficacious on thrips, aphids, leafhoppers, lepidopteran insects, scale, mealybugs and whiteflies.


All life stages of target insects are controlled by Hachi-Hachi SC when they are exposed via contact or ingestion. Additionally, Hachi-Hachi SC demonstrates exceptional fungistatic activity against powdery and downy mildew.


Features of Hachi-Hachi SC Insecticide:

• Superior aphid, thrips, mealybug, scale, leafhopper and early instar lepidopteran insect control
• No known resistance
• Outstanding crop safety
• Active on eggs, nymphs and adults
• Contact and ingestion activity that stops the damage caused by feeding


SePRO is changing the game in insect control with Hachi-Hachi SC.