Product Overview

Obtego Fungicide and Plant Symbiont serves as a multi-functional tool for growers by protecting the plant from damaging soil-borne pathogens and enhancing root growth.

Obtego contains two unique fungi-based active ingredients. The two species combine to form a powerful fungicide that is effective in a wide range of soil and environmental conditions. Obtego is highly effective against diseases such as Pythium spp., Phytophthora spp., Rhizoctonia spp. and more.

Obtego and plant roots live in a mutually beneficial symbiosis. As Obtego colonizes the root system, the Obtego fungi promote competition and parasitism of plant damaging pathogens in the soil. In return, Obtego stimulates development of a robust root system. The end result is a healthy, high quality plant.

Biofungicide with efficacy comparable to traditional chemistries
Reduced human and environmental risk with excellent disease control
Broad use sites
One product for indoor and outdoor use
Multiple modes of action
Minimal risk of resistance
Excellent crop safety
Applicable for all plant species
Two virulent fungal active ingredients
Maximum disease control across many environments
4-hr REI and 0-day PHI
Minimal interference with daily operations
Compatible with most fungicides
Seamless integration into any IPM program
Significant root enhancement
Substantial plant quality improvement


Verbena - Royal Romance. Untreated on the left, treated 5 oz. Obtego on the right.

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