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Introducting Obtego Fungicide & Plant Symbiont

Obtego serves as a multi-functional tool for growers by protecting the plant from damaging soil-borne pathogens and enhancing root growth.

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What is Obtego

Obtego contains two unique fungi-based active ingredients. The two species combine to form a powerful fungicide that is effective in a wide range of soil and environmental conditions.

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Key Benefits of Obtego

Obtego is proven technology widely adopted in Europe for 10+ years with documented improvement in nutrient uptake and use efficiency, seedling germination and plant defense activation.

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How to Use Obtego

Learn how to make the most of Obtego, and ensure you have healthy strong plants throughout growing season.

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Proven Through Research

View Obtego's efficacy rates of fighting top diseases in various stages and amounts of applications.

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Obtego. Always Active. Never Lazy.

Protect plants from damaging soil-borne pathogens and enhance their root growth.

Obtego has a wide-spectrum of activation against 10 soil-borne pathogens. Obtego has a broad use label for ornamentals, Greenhouses, nursery, vegetables, fruits, herbs, landscapes, turf and food crops. Obtego has versatile application methods and is OMRI Certified.