Product Overview

Cutless Granular is a systemic plant growth regulator that slows shoot growth of hedges, shrubs and groundcovers in landscaped areas. Plants treated with Cutless Granular will require less trimming and will have a more compact growth form, improving profitability by reducing labor and fuel costs. 

Systemic Plant Growth Regulation

Cutless Granular, a root absorbed systemic plant growth regulator, should be applied within the dripline of landscape ornamentals where it can be picked up by the plant’s root system. For best results, apply when rainfall is expected or irrigate with a minimum of 1/2 inch of water to insure proper release of the active ingredient into the soil. Avoid excessive irrigation after application. 

  • Improved plant health and reduced irrigation, fuel, emissions and plant material sent to landfills
  • Effective on a wide variety of plants, including Lantana, Asiatic Jasmine, Plumbago, Duranta, Ficus, Ligustrum, Viburnum, Eleangus, Holly, Jasmine, Spirea, Ground Ivy, Vinca Minor, Hibiscus, Euonymus, Boxwood and Firebush.


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