Product Overview

Cutless Shrub and Tree Sculptor (Cutless STS) is the strongest granular growth regulator available, giving it the ability to regulate those tough-to-manage large shrubs/hedges and small trees. Trimming large plants are the most expensive and dangerous. Cutless STS reduces the need to trim up to 70% for an entire year (or more) with one application. The mode-of-action also promotes improved plant health and quality, leading to pristine-looking landscapes.

Root absorbed and distributed evenly throughout a plant via water movement
Effective on a wide range species ensures consistent regulation of large woody species
1 application per year means less skilled labor for better results
Promotes Flowering
Increase flowering following application, improving beauty of the landscape
Cost Effective
Save 30 - 70% on trimming labor
Low phytotoxicity potential. You don’t have to sacrifice plant appearance
Unique Activity
Cutless Shrub and Tree Sculptor is the only granular, systematic, landscape growth regulator for medium to large sized landscape plants

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Application Guidelines

Cutless Shrub and Tree Sculptor is a granular landscape plant growth regulator which suppresses terminal growth in established hedges, trees, and shrubs. Treated plants require less trimming and exhibit a more compact growth form. Proper site selection, product application, and rate selection will reduce labor costs and improve plant appearance.

Follow the guidelines below for the best results.

Site Selection

  • Plant material should be growing and healthy before application.
  • Rainfall, overhead irrigation, or hand-watering is required for product activation in application area.
  • Aggressively growing species that require frequent trimming (monthly) provide the best opportunity for savings.
  • Plant age, height, and trunk caliper should be taken into consideration when selecting plant material to treat with Cutless Shrub and Tree Sculptor. Onset of regulation effects will occur more rapidly in plant material averaging 7 feet in height with a narrow trunk caliper compared to plants averaging 14 feet in height with a larger trunk caliper.
  • Severe slopes may encourage movement of granules to off-target areas. Use caution when applying upslope of desirable turf, bedding plants, or other non-target plant material. Avoid application when weather conditions (i.e. imminent downpour) may favor movement of granules to off-target areas. Avoid areas prone to surface water flow.


  • Visible effects of regulation will vary by species and location. A response can be seen in most species within 4 to 8 weeks after treatment.
  • Duration of growth suppression will vary depending upon plant species treated, rate, and trimming schedule.
  • Regulated plants will continue to grow, although at a much slower rate.
  • Species will exhibit increased flowering and darker green foliage.
  • Even coverage underneath the dripline is important for consistent regulation. If applied unevenly, non-uniform regulation can be expected.
  • Soil texture can affect the rate of Cutless Shrub and Tree Sculptor necessary to achieve desired regulation and duration of regulation. Fine textured soils (e.g. clay) and deep mulch (> 6 inches) may bind Cutless Shrub and Tree Sculptor. Application rate and irrigation following application should be increased under these conditions.
  • Trimming schedule must be significantly reduced to realize labor savings. Often only hand shears are needed to remove ‘whips’ axillary buds or root suckers that have escaped regulation.

Application Timing and Methods

  • Apply when plants are actively growing.
  • Apply when rainfall, surface irrigation or watering-in is possible.
  • Consistent, uniform application is necessary for consistent, uniform regulation.
  • Apply uniformly under the dripline area with a rotary-type, gravity-fed, or airflow driven spreader. For smaller scale applications or treatment to single trees or shrubs, applications may be made by pre-measured scoop or gloved hand.
  • 1/2 inch of rainfall, overhead irrigation, or hand- watering is necessary to activate Cutless Shrub and Tree Sculptor.
  • To avoid over-application, make repeat applications only after growth regulation begins to decline from a desired level.


  • For best results trim plants 4 weeks after application.
  • Match trimming frequency to growth rate. Once growth significant slows, trimming should be ceased. Continued regular trimming will promote plant growth. Remove ‘whips’ as needed.
  • Reallocate labor to other revenue creating functions.

Rate Determination

  • The rates listed below are guidelines. Plant response to Cutless Shrub and Tree Sculptor is dependent on species, trunk caliper, overall size, age, and various environmental factors.
  • Higher application rates are generally necessary for plants larger in overall size or trunk caliper, are vigorously growing, or grown in fine textured soils.

†   Certain plant species and conditions may require higher application rates. DO NOT apply more than 3.2 ounces of Cutless Shrub and Tree Sculptor per plant.
†† For spot treatment applications to landscape ornamentals contained in beds less than one acre (43,560 ft2). DO NOT exceed 26.7 lbs/A/year over the entire acre containing the spot treatments.


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