Product Overview

Edgeless concentrate integrates patented synergy of two turf growth regulators to control growth and reduce string trimming requirements of warm- and cool-season turfgrasses. 

  • Applied as a 6-inch banded application wherever repeated string trimming or edging of turfgrass is required.
  • Proper application can result in up to 8 weeks of growth control greatly reducing the need for string trimming.
  • Provides improved profitability by reducing labor and fuel costs.


Reduces frequency of trimming
Less time string trimming means more available labor for other revenue-creating jobs
Alternative to unsightly herbicide applications
Unlike herbicide applications, Edgeless does not disolor turf
Endless use sites
Reduce trimming around fence posts, lamps, driveways, sidewalks, bed edges, gravestones, retaining walls, and more

Labels and SDS

Specimen Label

Safety Data Sheet

Registered States

How to Apply

Application Timing. For best results:

  • Apply Edgeless to actively grow turfgrass
  • Apply Edgeless after the resumption of active growth in the spring
  • Make final application of the season a minimum of 4 weeks before the onset of inactive growth or winter dormancy

Prior to Application. For best results:

  • Turf should be trimmed
  • Turf should be actively growing and healthy

Note: Edgeless application should be avoided on turfgrass under stress due to temperature and moisture extremes.

After Application. For best results:

  • Allow Edgeless to dry on the leaf surface after application
  • Once dry, irrigate with at least 0.25” to move Edgeless into the root zone
  • A light clean-up trimming may be necessary for vigorously growing turfgrass up to 1 week after application of Edgeless

Note: String trimming beyond 1 week after application might result in a loss of growth regulation.

What to Expect:

  • Growth regulation should be evident in 4 to 7 days and may last as long as 8 weeks
  • During this period of growth regulation, string trimming will be greatly reduced or eliminated

If necessary, repeat applications can be made at 8 to 12-week intervals

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