Product Overview

Octane is a simple, economical solution to faster weed control. Best applied on a sunny day, weeds sprayed with Octane show visual herbicidal symptoms within 24 - 48 hours. Emerged weeds are quickly killed, helping in timely tournament prep or instant satisfaction by membership and greens committees. Octane is also safe to use on recently seeded turf. Octane is now registered for silvery thread moss control.

Increased speed of kill
Satisfied membership and greens committee
Labeled for use on cool- and warm-season turf
Excellent turf safety for locations with multiple turf species
Very short half-life
No limitation to turf establishment after application
Rainfast in 1 hour
Little chance for interference from weather or irrigation
Low vapor pressure
No movement to non-target areas
Low use rate
Lower environmental impact
Effective in all climates
No temperature restrictions, hot or cold

Labels and SDS

Specimen Label

Safety Data Sheet

Registered States

Application Instructions

Applied Alone. For best results:

  • Apply Octane at rates of 1 to 4 fl oz per acre for control of seedling, non-mature winter and summer annual weeds and/or for temporary burndown of weeds listed on Control Spectrum page.
  • Tank-mixing Octane with other broadleaf herbicides may be needed for control of larger winter and summer annual weeds.

Applied in Tank Mix. For best result:

  • Apply Octane at rates of 0.7 to 1.5 fl oz per acre in tank-mix combinations with herbicides registered for use such as amines, esters, and salts of 2,4-D, chloroprop, dicamba, mecoprop, triclopyr, fluroxypyr, and various combinations of these products for control of annual weeds and perennial weeds
  • Residual, long-term control of the target weeds is as defined by labeling of the companion product
  • For tank-mixing with herbicides, always read and follow the product label directions

Spray Volume Notes:

  • Octane is a contact herbicide that causes herbicidal symptoms only to plant parts that come into contact with spray applications
  • Proper spray volume and uniform coverage are important to maximize efficacy of Octane.
  • Uniform sprays should be applied at 20 to 200 gal per acre (0.5 to 4.5 gal per 1000 sq ft)
  • Higher spray volumes should be used to target whole weed population and/or weeds contained in dense turfgrass canopies

Use of Adjuvants Notes:

  • Addition of surfactants (spreaders/stickers) to the spray solution will improve efficacy and contact activity of Octane
  • Follow manufacturer’s use rates for specific sites

Octane Technical Sheet (click image to view)

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