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Pond Problems? Solved!

We know you care about your plants – and that means you care about all their details: their location, their food, their water

Using subpar water for irrigation can cause all kinds of problems for your plants.  SePRO has your back.  Their state-of-the-art formulations can solve your aquatic challenges.  Be a hero to your plants and read about three of SePRO’s most popular products below.

Super Product One: SeClear Algae and Water Quality Enhancer

Algae eradication is a specialty for SePRO.  SeClear is the foundation of algae and phosphorus management.

Many older formulations get rid of algae, but don’t address excess phosphorus or water quality.  SeClear does it all with longer intervals between applications

Get the water your plants need with less work for you.

Super Product Two: Captain XTR Algaecide

Got thick algae mats that are tough to conrol?  You need Captain XTR. 

Captain XTR controls algae with infusion technology, and assures a water source safe for all plants including flowers in bloom. 

Super Product Three: Komeen Crystal

Tough bottom-dwelling weeds and algae are no match for this solution! 

With an easy-to-use formulation and no irrigation restrictions, Komeen Crystal is designed to simply work for your water.

Get your plants the water they deserve.  They will thank you!  Connect with a SePRO expert at booth 0610 at Cultivate’17!

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