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SePRO Offers Solutions to Your Plants’ Toughest Problems

Which pesky situation best describes your plants?  Find your SePRO solutions below!

Situation One:

  • Searching for a non-neonicotinoid insecticide that offers broad spectrum control without sacrificing crop safety?
  • Need something that’s gentle on your plants, yet devastating to piercing-sucking insects?

SePRO’s Solution: Check out Rycar. 

  • Rycar’s unique chemistry has been proven effective with pests that are resistant to traditional treatments. 
  • Want to learn more? See our Rycar page.

Situation Two:

  • Want a tool to help you battle troublesome pests?
  • Experiencing problems with insecticide resistance
  • Interested in the added benefit of insect control and disease suppression in one formula?

SePRO’s Solution: Hachi-Hachi SC has you covered! 

  • Offering excellent control of thrips, aphids, mealybugs and several other pests, Hachi-Hachi SC provides an affordable option with no known resistances.  
  • To learn more, see our Hachi-Hachi SC page.

Situation Three:

  • Are your plants struggling with plant disease problems?

SePRO’s Solution: SePRO can help with your disease management, too! 

  • Whether you’re looking for a 4-hour REI, copper-based product (Camelot O),
  • a fungicide/bactericide combo that provides maximum coverage (CuPRO)
  • or the industry-standard the industry standard when it comes to Botrytis control (Decree), SePRO can help you help keep your plants protected! 

Want to learn more about our solutions?  Check out our overview page to see how we can help keep your plants healthy.

Bonus Solution:

Our experts at booth 0610 can help with these products – or any others that might help you solve your plants’ unique problems.

Be your plants’ hero -- connect with SePRO at Cultivate’17!

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