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5 FAQs to Maximize the Impact of Landscape Growth Regulators

Using a landscape growth regulator such as Cutless Granular can save you time and money, reduce the amount of labor required per property, and allow you to take on more customers. Here are some of the questions we're asked most frequently:

Q:  We manage a large property that could benefit from Cutless Granular growth regulation.  What’s the most efficient way to apply Cutless Granular?

A:  Cutless Granular can be applied with a rotary-type spreader, gravity fed spreader, or air-driven blower. Of these, an air-driven blower such as the Cutless Granular Application System is the most efficient option.

Regardless of application equipment, the main objective of each application should be even coverage of the treatment area. Calibration trays are useful tools to monitor application quality throughout a property and are available free of charge through your local SePRO Technical Specialist.

Q:  What should I do before and after application to maximize growth regulation following a Cutless Granular application?

A:  Irrigation and pruning are two of the most important considerations when starting a landscape growth regulation program. Cutless Granular should be activated with at least 0.25” of irrigation or rainfall immediately after application. This acts to incorporate the active ingredient into the rootzone so that it can be absorbed by the plant.

Plants can be pruned prior to application; however, growth regulation effects will not be observed until 2-3 weeks following activation of Cutless Granular by irrigation or rainfall. Because of this, plants should be pruned 2-3 weeks after application to their desired size. After this pruning, plants will be regulated and not grow as quickly.

Subsequent pruning should occur on an as-needed basis and can often be accomplished with hand-shears. Labor typically utilized during this period for pruning should be reallocated to other revenue creating jobs to maximize the return on investment in Cutless Granular. All other agronomic practices such as fertilization, irrigation, and insect management should not change.

Q:  When should a Cutless Granular landscape growth regulation program begin?

A:  A Cutless Granular landscape growth regulation program can be started at any time; however, it’s recommended that a program be started prior to spring growth flush to maximize the growth regulation benefit throughout the entire growing season. Cutless Granular should not be applied to plants that were recently hard cut.

Q:  How long will growth regulation effects last?

A:  Growth regulation effects from Cutless Granular last 4-6 months. Major variables that influence length of growth regulation include plant species, size, application rate, and prior treatment history.

Two applications may be required to maintain growth regulation effects throughout the season in areas with long growing seasons. A single application may be sufficient in areas with a short growing season.

Q:  Where can Cutless Granular be used and can all plant material be treated?

A:  Cutless Granular is recommended for application to established, woody landscape ornamentals. Herbaceous plants, recently hard cut shrubs, and newly planted landscapes should be avoided. Landscapes that require frequent pruning, are a safety hazard to maintain, or occupy high visibility areas are excellent candidates for a Cutless Granular growth regulation program.

Cutless Granular Landscape Growth Regulator is an easy to implement solution for today’s labor strapped market.  Learn more about how Cutless Granular can help your company or connect with your local SePRO Technical Specialist.

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